Bence Ganti MA, is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator and internationally known speaker on Integral Theory. He is also the creator of Integral Flow Experience group process. He divides his time between Europe and the US, in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Europe he created the Integral Academy of Hungary in 2006 one of the biggest integral schools in Europe. He was also one of the masterminds and directors of the 1st Integral European Conference (IEC1) in May 2014 which drew over 500 people from 25 countries and 4 continents. He is a speaker at integral conferences around the world. He gives Integral Flow Workshops and Retreats in different countries like Germany, Russia, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria and the United States. Bence is one of the living embodiments of the international integral movement connecting American, Western- and Eastern European cultures and integral communities.

                                                                    Bence with students at the Integral Academy

Facilitating at the Integral European Conference
the „Euro-American integral exchange”

„Bence leads from both the heart and head. He is as comfortable talking theory as he is directing a large-group psychodrama, or leading a drumming circle in the woods. It is never about gaining attention for himself, but rather it is about creating a richer experience for the participants. His impeccable intention helped everybody relax” Jeff Salzman, Daily Evolver. Source:  http://www.dailyevolver.com/2014/05/report-integral-budapest/